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Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese view of life

that finds beauty in things that are imperfect,

humble and simple, ordinary and unrefined.

Through our signature cat and unique creations, we hope to inspire others to share positive thoughts and gain an appreciation for all things purr-fectly imperfect!

Our business began in 1988

focusing on conservation framing and archival preservation services. Later it changed into an Asian art gallery and custom frame shop; eventually evolving into what it is today. "Life is Wabi-Sabi" is the creation of Brian, and the artistic inspiration of his daughter, Erynn. It is a gift shop under our Tanimoto Dharma Designs LLC business name and is located in the heart of Hilo, Hawaii.

The "Wabi-Sabi Cat"

was a drawing made by Erynn when she was 13 years old. Its cute and quirky looks inspired the development of this brand, which focuses on embracing and appreciating the imperfections of everyday life. Each of our products carries the simple yet inspiring philosophy — "Life is "purr-fectly" imperfect!"

We specialize in handmade, unique, one-of-a-kind original artwork -

Framed prints, magnets, buttons, t-shirts, and more! Great for home or office decor, gifts, omiyage... or anytime you want to share a little happiness with others!

Our goal is to make a positive difference in the world, by sharing our message with one person at a time, through our kawaii (cute) and inspirational artwork.


We hope you enjoy our products!



-- The Life is Wabi-Sabi Team


Tanimoto Dharma Designs LLC is in partnership with Yukio Inc. If interested in licensing and wholesale opportunities, please contact Aaron Castillo of Yukio Inc. at

Our Story

Be PAWSitive!

"Be grateful for the little things. The small mishaps and obstacles are stepping stones to a greater awareness and deeper appreciation of life.
"Sometimes things don't turn out as planned, and sometimes the outcome is even better. Embrace the wabi sabi concept and find beauty in the imperfect."
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